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Despite what you might be led to believe, there is a direct relationship between quality decorating products and the look of the finished room.  Great products deliver better, more professional results.  It’s just that simple.

Here are some of the things you can expect from quality decorating products:


On a per square foot basis, the difference between premium paint and bargain brands can be as little as a few cents but the difference in quality is dramatic.

Premium quality paint glides off the brush or roller, providing maximum hiding of the surface or old colour below. The best paints not only render colour more accurately, they also hold their colour longer than inferior products.  Quality paints also stand up to routine maintenance and cleaning, providing years of beauty and protection. 


Premium brushes and rollers are actually manufactured to entirely different standards than inferior lines.  Brushes contain more, better quality bristles that are tapered to allow for an even finish and easy cutting-in around ceilings doors and windows.  Premium rollers are made with higher quality material that releases paint more evenly onto the surface at just the right thickness to provide the perfect look.   

After many years of experimentation, we’ve come down to what we believe is the finest mix of products available in the industry.  And we’ve assembled the best quality brands in the perfect range of lines to provide the ultimate overall value, no matter what project you’re working on.

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